About RadioSG


Internet radio which will take you across the globe… in a moment!!!

RadioSG is an internet-based radio streaming. We are serving as the fastest growing internet radio platform to offer an array of infotainment shows covering interests of corporates, education institutes, local businesses, the young generation, local artists and more. Our listeners are from all the age groups and spread across countries.

Sharva Group is making the impression in the field of IT Products and platforms, services and training and RadioSG is the critical and most recent milestone in this growth journey. Passion, Integrity and Growth are our values and Inspire, Experiment and Innovate is our guiding principle.

Why Radio SG | RadioSG

Welcome to RadioSG. Let’s explore…

Why Radio in the world full of video channels?

Neuroscience proves audio contents are more effective to drive individual imagination that will cultivate the strong foundation for originality and research.  The trend of online radio advertisements and programs are getting popular these days. We, at Sharva Group, strongly believe that it is right medium for the young generations. RadioSG, as well, leverages the web interface to build, establish and promote personal brand and businesses through the platform.

What are your benefits?

  • Showcase your talent

  • Share your expertise

  • Build and establish your personal brand

  • Promote your business

  • Bring differentiator to your enterprise culture

  • Be part of innovation culture

How does RadioSG work?

It is an URL, accessible through browser over your desktop, laptop, tablet and handheld smart phones. No installation required.

We receive the original contents from professionals, artists and enthusiasts. And we play the shows in organised way making it easy for the listeners. There are repeats but no downloads giving the exclusivity to subject on that time.

We personalise the streaming with images of preference of artist and integrating Facebook public page of the artist.

Will RadioSG be successful?

RadioSG, a month old baby has already have a taste of success…. We implemented “Enterprise Radio” for one of the organisations driving the innovation culture through academia and industry connect.

… And there are many more stories to unfold in near future!!!

Feel young enough to go live?

Reach us and we will take you LIVE on RadioSG!!!

We are launching Live Streaming service by end of July 2020 and you are most welcome to be part of the same.

We are sure you are ready to engage with RadioSG and there are multiple ways for that

  • Share your contents to stream
  • Put your contents with personal branding material
  • Run your business advertisement with us
  • Go Live streaming with us

Just write to Shivani@sharvagroup.com with your interest and Team Sharva Group will get in touch with you to take the association ahead.

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